Warner Bros.'s Bugs Bunny Extreme Makeover Hits Sex Toys Website

Press Release 1 March 2005 - For Immediate Release


Warner Bros.'s Bugs Bunny Extreme Makeover Hits Sex Toys Website

Online sex toys shop, SexTingles, has seen a massive increase in hits to its website www.sextingles.co.uk as people searching for information on the Warner Bros. cartoon character pull up information on a sex toy coincidentally also called Buzz Bunny.

The recent announcement by Warner Bros. that the Bugs Bunny cartoon character is to be reincarnated as Buzz Bunny has stirred up sentiment. Typing 'Buzz Bunny' into Google produces around 20,000 results due to the furore over the reinvention of the popular cartoon character and his 'mates'.

A spokesperson for SexTingles explained that the toy has been available on the website since last autumn - before the cartoon character makeover was announced.

"Shortly after the announcement of the new version of the cartoon character, the internet went wild with reports and animated discussions. Our page for the Buzz Bunny sex toy comes near the top of a Google search for 'Buzz Bunny' and this has caused great amusement in online blogs. People following up the links to us have suddenly increased the viewing of our Buzz Bunny page by 1000% and doubled the overall activity on the website. Unfortunately we only sell to customers in the UK so until the UK starts talking about the new Buzz Bunny we won't benefit greatly."

The spokesperson added that as SexTingles contains content unsuitable for children (although it has no pornographic content) SexTingles uses industry standard content labels on its pages to ensure as far as possible the site is visited only by adults.



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This popular Warner Bros. cartoon character made its appearance in 1939 on film and became known for his line "Whats up Doc." The Bugs Bunny and other characters were part of what is known as the 'Looney Tunes' cartoons.

Bugs Bunny moved onto prime time television in 1960 and was still going strong in 1990 when Steven Spielberg produced 'Tiny Toon Adventures'. and 'Bugs Bunny On Broadway' premiered on Broadway in New York City. In 1992 the 'Hare Jordan' commercial, featuring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, premiered as the #1 commercial of Super Bowl XXIV in America.

The cartoons were shown on prime UK television for many years and were popular with both young and old.

Warner Bros. are 'recycling' the characters into new shapes and situations while keeping their intrinsic characteristics so as to appeal more effectively to today's younger audiences. These revised characters are due to be launched autumn 2005.


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